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Getting the Advantage in a Fight

What battles are you facing?

At last count I know of FIVE in my immediate family. They are of a varied sort, ranging from health struggles to work situations.

And as I have been thinking about them and praying, I’ve just found myself exhausted. This morning I realized that I had been trying to carry all these situations myself. Me, the intercessor, the prayerwalking lady, the one people turn to when they need prayer and problems solved.

I was wearing my self-made badge of courage. “Figure it out, Janet. Pray the right thing. Say the right thing. Do the right thing.”

Like that’s even possible.

So I just took a PAUSE . . .

I closed my eyes, I relaxed my body, I opened my hands, and I prayed for each of those situations.

The good kings such as Hezekiah did this. When they were surrounded by invading hordes, they looked not to their own strength but to the Lord.

The invading king of Syria, Sennacherib, tried to verbally waterboard the people of Judah who were in Jerusalem by mocking Hezekiah and the Lord God. “How much less will your God deliver you out of my hand!” (2 Chronicles 32:15 ESV).

It could have worked. The numbers were working against Hezekiah . . . if you relied upon human eyesight and mental calculation.

But Hezekiah had a bigger military strategy than the rebuilt walls and weapons and shields. He went to prayer.

Immediately the Lord sent an angel. Notice that: a SINGLE angel. And that single angel cut off all of the Assyrian military. The footnote is that when Sennacherib returned home with his tail between his legs, his own sons killed him.

What battle are you fighting?

Are you doing that on your own strength?

Or are you going to the Lord God in prayer?

Take FIVE minutes right now, relax your tensed up body, open your hands, and pray. Give over those situations to God . . . and watch how he provides for you and those you love.

Janet McHenry is a speaker and author of 24 books–including the bestselling PrayerWalk. She is also the creator of Prayer School, a five-module, 21-lesson masterclass on prayer, which is available now at the introductory offer of $47, the equivalent cost of the three books you get mailed to you FREE for signing up. For more info, go to the Prayer School site.

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