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Need Help Escaping a Pity Party?

What’s your favorite kind of party?

Mine must be a Pity Party, because that’s the one I most often find myself attending.

What’s so wonderful about a Pity Party is that it can go on and on and on. Right?

My last one–about two weeks long–just ended this morning . . . but oh, what a mess that one created.

I had to pick myself up from the Floor of Complaint. I had to clean up the Poor Me messes. I had to scrub up the Grumpies.

Maybe you’ve had such a party yourself?

Two things happened to put an end to such nonsense.

First, I read the Bible–the story about God’s call on Abram to “Go from your country” and “Arise, walk.” God wasn’t going to take the Promised Land to Abram. God had prepared it but Abram had to get up from his familiar place and step into the unknown.

Similarly, even though I becoming was pretty comfy in my personal pit, I know God has something better for me. So, I am taking personal steps to get up, move out, and venture into a land of promise. I spent a day studying my word of the year–HOPE–by looking up scripture verses (I wrote out 23 of them!) as well as quotes by others to inspire me.

Some of what I learned from that study is this:

– I will find hope in God.

– Hope is something I can DO.

– Hope exists despite circumstances.

– I will find hope in God’s Word.

– God will delight in me as I put my hope in him.

– My hope will not be cut off.

– I can renew strength by putting hope in God.

– God’s plans have hope.

– Hope will not disappoint me.

– I can be joyful in hope, which is a faith anchor.

Second, a friend has helped me take literal steps by posting an article on Facebook titled, “30 Things That Happen When Walking Every Day.” I read that and made a decision: I would walk daily for the next 30 days, starting today (Jan. 3). And I invited others to join me. A couple dozen people are already joining me in that challenge.

Here’s The Thing. God said to Abram, “I will bless those who bless you” (Gen. 12:3). And yes, I would certainly love others to bless me! Wouldn’t you? However, I can bless others by being an encouragement to them in their life journey. That certainly wasn’t going to happen in the pit of my Pity Party.

So, I’m arising and walking . . . literally and figuratively. Come join me and let’s just see what God will do with 2020.

Janet McHenry is a national speaker and author of 24 books, including the bestselling PrayerWalk and her newest, Stronger Every Day, an 11-week Bible study on biblical characters who demonstrated strength. She would LOVE to be considered as the speaker for your next event and can be contacted through her website,

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