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Senior Year 101: #2 Create an Activities Resume

I'm assuming you have been researching colleges for some time. And I'm assuming that you have been winding your way around the various colleges' websites, so that you're getting an idea of the requirements it takes to apply to college. (If not, HOP on it!)

To save yourself a LOT of time in that application process, I highly suggest you create an activities resume. This is different from a professional resume that you would use to apply for a job, although it can be set up similarly. However, the activities resume will include a lot more detailed information to which you can refer as you're filling out admissions (and even scholarship) applications over the months ahead.

As you create yours, only use those activities that you have had during high school (not junior high or lower).

  • Leadership: Make a bulleted list of all organizations for which you have held an office or leadership role, such as a committee chairman, as well as the year(s) and position held.

  • Honors: List all awards you have received--academic awards and contests and others. You can include sports honors here or in the next category.

  • Athletics: List the sport, the years you participated, leadership roles you were given, and any athletic awards.

  • Work experience: List the name of the business, city, job title, month(s/year(s), and number of hours you worked per week.

  • Community service/volunteer work: List the name of the organization, if any, the kind of service you provided or organizational role you played, the year(s), and the number of hours that you performed this service/work.

  • Interests: List any other expertise or unusual interest that you have, such as a musical instrument you play (only if you play well).

The beauty of this activities resume is that you will not have to re-think all of these lists as you are filling out applications over and over again. All the info will be right at your fingertips, and sometimes you can even simply attach the document to a college or scholarship application (particularly the latter).

Feel free to ask questions, and I'll do my best to answer them for you!

And if you email me at, I will send you a copy of my daughter's activities resume, which you can use as a guide.

Next week: The College Search

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