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Under Construction

For the last year we have taken on what seems to be an endless list of repair and construction projects at our house. It started with this acknowledgment: “We need to paint the house.” But before we could paint, there was much repair and updating to be done to this home we built 36 years ago.

Thus began The List. New doors. New windows. Repair of balconies. Deck repair. Fence repair. Siding replacement. New light fixtures (7 of them).

Ugh . . . and if that weren’t enough, then we moved inside during the winter. Stair railing repair. New light fixtures (17 of them). Wall repair. Trim replacement. New shutters.

It occurred to me the other day when I was studying John 17, the chapter-long prayer of Jesus the day before his crucifixion, that I’m under construction, too. Jesus prayed that his disciples would be sanctified by the truth of his Father’s Word (verse 17). Sanctification is that process toward maturity or holiness.

Oh, that hurts sometimes! In construction you have to rip off the old, rotten windowsills and pull up the decaying wood on the deck. Sometimes it splinters, making a giant mess. You wonder if it’s worth it, because the process takes so LONG and is so expensive and is disruptive to your daily life.

But then then one day there’s a gorgeous new door or decking or siding, and you’re not embarrassed anymore about the condition of your home. You’re thankful.

Our spiritual construction can be just as messy. It may mean digging out and working hard to overcome an addiction. It may mean dealing with consequences of past sin or a reckless comment that damaged a relationship. It may mean facing tough circumstances.

In any case there is a day when you are beyond that phase of construction and can thank the Lord for the work he is doing for you. Be encouraged: He is your construction manager and is praying and advocating for you.

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