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Is your or your child’s senior year stressing you out?
Feeling the pressure to get the paperwork done and the next four years lined out?
Or even if you’re pretty confident about where you’re headed, perhaps you feel a little shaky about the process.
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Welcome to Your Senior Year!


As a former long-term high school academic advisor who helped tons of kids get into great colleges and win the scholarships they need to help finance their education, I’m here to walk you through your senior year and the daunting e-load of college and scholarship applications, as well as to point you in the right direction to complete the financial aid process as well.

Connect to my blog, where I have practical help that will keep you on task for getting the job done. Make sure you also look through the archives for tips that help seniors month by month.

I look forward to hearing from you about your college success!



A Great Gift for Your Graduate!


Who better than a recent graduate to help you navigate life after college? With encouragement and advice, fifty young women and men share what they learned the hard way so you can better prepare for the same challenges.


From “Money Isn’t Everything” to “Real Friendships Take Effort,” these short, but insightful messages address the real struggles, opportunities, and fears that you might face as you finish your education and begin your independent adult life.


Following each essay are five bulleted life lessons to encourage and equip you on your chosen path. (Worthy Publishing, 2018)


My Senior Year 101

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