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Are you Faith Blind?

I always believed in God–Father, Son, and Spirit. I was raised in the church and could recite prayers.

But I didn’t know I could have a PERSONAL relationship with HIM until I was in college.

My faith became REAL when I heard that word for the first time: PERSONAL. And I embraced that kind of faith right then and there.

You’ve seen those FB videos of color blind people putting on special glasses and seeing color for the firs time, right?

My new faith was like that: I saw people and my life completely differently. And I was immediately drawn to the Bible because I was hungry to learn more.

Maybe the word PERSONAL is resonating with you for the first time. Yes, you can have a personal relationship with God through his Son, Jesus.

Prayer is the conduit for that faith. Just simply invite him into your life . . . it’s a prayer he always answers just the way you hope.

Prayerwalk in the Word:

“Lord, I believe and trust your hand in my life.”

Janet McHenry is an award-winning speaker and the author of 24 books, including the bestselling PrayerWalk and her newest, The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus. She LOVES connecting with others as she speaks around the country . . . and hopes you’ll inquire with her about your next event:

More about prayer, prayerwalking and #PrayerSpeaker:

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