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Conquering the Tech Giants in my Life

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

I remember lyrics from a song from my children’s youth: “With my God I can do valiantly.” I sang it along with them, praying they would be strong and courageous.

And they have. They’ve traveled abroad. They’ve overcome hardships. They finished college and have done well professionally.

I supposed someone might say the same of me. But I never have been a courageous person. Risks are, well . . . risky. I have avoided great leaps professionally for fear of failure.

Until this year. Late in 2020 I decided to make something of this crazy C-19 season. So I chose GRIT as my Word of the Year. I decided it was time for me to tear down technological walls that had penned me in for many years. Formerly, I would simply ask a young person for help–one of my kids or a student in my classroom. Confession: My journalism students knew how to operate Adobe InDesign . . . but I could only do simple tasks.

I’ve posted some fun photos of my sourdough breadmaking ventures on social media . . . as an example of #grit.

However, the Lord has pushed me to learn some new tech skills as well. I created several new pages for my website–previously a task I would have handed off to my web designer. I also created an online masterclass called Prayer School, which was harder to do than I had imagined.

Now I’m recording my first audiobook, PrayerWalk. The tech challenges keep stumping me for this #grit undertaking. The first day of recording I got a short, initial piece recorded without much of a problem. The next day I could not get the various equipment and program to work . . . after six hours of trying. There were tears.

Two days later I got some help from a friend in Reno. I hauled all my equipment in, only to watch him push a button and have everything work. I felt foolish.

So the day after that after a bit of a struggle, I recorded the Introduction and three chapters. Success!

Then yesterday again I could not get the program to record.

In years past I would have given up. In years past I would have shamed myself for being stupid. In years past I would have put the project on the shelf . . . for someday.

Because of #grit, though, I will try again.

Friends keep telling me they want me to show them how to record their book in audio. Haha! I’ve got to say, I’m still not sure what I’m doing.

What I do now is that with GOD I can do valiantly. He can help me conquer a giant, because HE is the Rock I grip with everything I’ve got.

Keep #lookingup. You can conquer the giants that taunt you too.

Janet McHenry’s business name is Looking Up! because she loves helping others develop a praying life that leans into hope found in God’s Word. A speaker and author, she is best known for her bestselling book PrayerWalk, now in its twentieth year. With God’s help it will be available in audiobook soon. More about her ministry can be found at

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