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I want to Know You, God

I was in a state of confusion years ago when I was laid off from my teaching job. The school district on the other side of my valley had big-time cutbacks, and at the bottom of the hiring list, I did not make the cut.

I didn’t understand. God had called me to teach. I listened. I obeyed. I enrolled in grad school to get my credential. Less than a year later I was done and that district where I’d done my student teaching hired me. I worked hard mastering the curriculum and challenging my students . . . but I was let go.

It hurt.

Even though I knew it was all about numbers rather than my abilities, I felt an emotional bruising.

Emotions do deceive us, don’t they? They tell us we are worthless and ugly, ineffective and not worth bothering with.

It was God’s Word, though, that gave me my faith grip again. Planted in the truth of his pages, I again understood his love for me, his care for me, and his calling on my life.

And this is what I heard in prayer: “You you will be closer to your children.”

That didn’t seem likely, though, because there were no jobs available in my little community teaching English, and others were pressuring me to apply for positions that would require an even longer commute.

But faith requires that we believe God will do the seemingly impossible. Somehow God would provide a job for me closer than that half-hour commute across my big mountain valley.

And he did. At the end of that summer not one but TWO English teachers retired. I was hired as the temporary teacher and then hired in the permanent position.

That meant my thirty-minute commute was replaced with a NINETY SECOND commute . . . and I would be in the same town as my four children and would even be their teacher for some of their secondary years.

Yes, God can make himself known . . . but the thing is . . . God has already MADE HIMSELF KNOWN. His works are recorded as a permanent record in the Bible.

So, as we tell God “I want to know you,” we bear the brunt of that responsibility. It is my job to know him–to press on to know him by studying his Word and Looking Up! in prayer throughout my day.

Press on . . . and know the God who is waiting for you.

Janet would LOVE to be considered as the speaker for your event! You can contact her through her website:

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