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Muddy Boots

I have a cousin Roger, who used travel from the central coastal area of California to our family home south of Sacramento to go duck hunting. There are many marsh areas near there–perfect for his sport.

But boy, when he came back to our house at the end of the day, he was covered in muck from wading into those tules.

Just a silly teenager, I reacted without thinking one day. “Boy, you’re a filthy mess.”

He shook his head at me and said something I’ll never forget. “Good thing we’re washable, huh?”

I remembered that as a young mom when my kids would splash in mud puddles.

I remembered that when we got out the fingerpaints.

I still remember that when my grandkids come over and help me make cookies.

It’s a good thing we’re also washable from our sins and mistakes and errors of judgment. We have a forgiving God who is willing to embrace us, despite the messiness of our lives. And though he is a holy God who cannot look on sin, he sees us through the lens of his Son Jesus, who washes us clean when we ask him to be our Lord and Savior so that his Father God sees a prism of light instead of our muck.

And so, I will keep #lookingup from my messes, because it’s when I am my messiest that I need him most.

Janet McHenry is a mom of four pretty good adult children and Nana to ten perfect grandkiddos. She and her rancher husband Craig live in the Sierra Valley, a bird watcher’s and duck hunter’s paradise. The author of 24 books, she prayerwalks for her community and loves to train groups on prayerwalking. She also hosts the Sierra Valley Writers Retreat at her home and guest house and would welcome connecting with you here:

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