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Simple Prayer Tools

Over the years I’ve collected a host of kitchen tools, but the ones I keep coming back to actually USE are these vintage metal ones, most of which Mom gave me.

My favorite one is the Kitchamajig. The imprint on it says: “Strains. Drains. Beats. Blends. Whips. Mixes.”

One simple tool for many purposes that I’m drawn to over and again.

The same is true for prayer. It need not be complicated, and Jesus modeled that with the Lord’s Prayer. The disciples asked Jesus how to pray, and this was the example he gave them, prefaced with instructions to pray simply.

One tool with many purposes: Praising. Worshipping. Dedicating. Supplicating. Interceding. Confessing. Overcoming.

Prayer: Keep it simple!

More about Jesus’ prayer life in this book coming out in June: his teachings on prayer, his prayer practices, and his prayers themselves. Available for pre-order at all online bookstores, including Barnes and Noble, which has several other books of mine as well:

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