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That Kind of God

Scripture says that God will reign over the earth.

When I think about figurehead kings and queens around the world, I wonder how others view that scripture.

My God is not a figurehead.

He does not just hold a title with no more authority than today’s royalty that cuts ribbons and waves to a crowd affectively. My God is not the sum total of someone’s fashionable cross piece of jewelry. He created the stones and jewels and wood in that necklace. My God is not something that is self-actualized or molded into an acceptable, PC box. He breathes life into creation. He receives mortal souls to himself at death. I read recently that young parents do not want to read stories about Bible characters anymore. They instead want happy “I love you” books. Those are fine, I think, but life is hard, and I personally need to know that the God I serve and pray to can overcome the lions and part the seas in my life. For example, yesterday Craig and I traveled to Sacramento and back to visit my mom–about six hours on the road in total. Just a half hour from home on a two-lane mountain road, I asked him to pull into a rest area that had a restroom. As he put on his blinker and began to turn left, a car zoomed past us on our left, while a moment later another car zoomed past us on our right. Had Craig moved just inches one way or another, we might not be here today. The car on the left passed us over a double line. The car on the right passed us on the shoulder. Craig said, “God certainly protected us.” I need that kind of God. I need to know he has overcome enemies and sin and darkness. I need to know he will guide and protect me. I need to know he is GOD, the Lord Almighty, the Creator of this universe. I need that kind of God. Janet McHenry is a speaker and the author of 24 books, including many for children as well as six books on prayer and two Bible studies. A former educator, she would love to connect with you: #LookingUp #pray #prayer #prayers #justpray #needprayer #PrayLikeJesus #PrayersofJesus #PrayerWalk #walkandpray #PrayerStreaming #praywithoutceasing #PrayerExperiment #answertoprayer #prayerworks #beananswertoprayer #PrayerChangesTeens #DailyPrayerWalk #Bible #Bibleverse #Biblestudy #dailyBibleverse #Bibleteacher #speaker #Christianspeaker #retreatspeaker

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