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The Best Prayer Teacher

Someone recently asked on Facebook what her friends’ favorite book on prayer was.

Since I’ve always found it hard to answer “favorite” questions, I listed several including Jennifer Dean’s Live a Praying Life, O. Hallesby’s Prayer, Richard Foster’s Prayer, and Mark Batterson’s The Circle Maker (the title I can never remember, because it doesn’t have a form of the word prayer in it).

I realized this week that was the wrong answer. The best book on prayer is the Bible–and more specifically the four gospels, as they show us how our Prayer Teacher, Jesus, prayed, what he taught on prayer, and his prayers themselves.

Today we remember his Upper Room experience, when he hosted the Last Supper, washed his disciples’ feet, taught the disciples more about his relationship with the Father, and . . . prayed.

John 17 contains the longest recorded prayer we have from Jesus. In it he prays what seem to be three separate prayers: one for himself, one for his disciples, and one for future believers.

A critical part of his prayer is when he prays, “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me” (John 17:23).

As we make choices not to gossip or criticize one another but instead support and care for one another, we mirror the relationship between the Father and the Son. And this image reflects out to those who are watching Christians–so as to see if this faith thing actually works.

I pray that others will see the love of the Father and Son in my life . . . and in yours. May your Resurrection Sunday be blessed.

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